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Goals and Networks







Goal I : A personal and active faith in God

Goal II : A deep respect for intellectual values

Goal III: A social awareness which impels to action

Goal IV: the building of community as a Christian value

Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

The Goals provide both the uniqueness of a Sacred Heart School and the strong bond of union among the Network of Sacred Heart schools. They continue to challenge all Sacred Heart educators to deepen their understanding of these timeless principles.

As a Sacred Heart School, we are part of a worldwide family of schools.In England, Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith is one of six schools and one college founded by the Society of Sacred Heart. The others are:

This Year’s Goal (2016/2017) – The Goal of Intellect  






Each year the six schools in the English Network will decide which of the goals will be the focus for the year. This year 2016/2017 we have chosen

Goal II : A deep respect for intellectual values.

Our schools foster in each person a love of learning. The education provided is creative, rigorous, challenging and promotes critical thinking. All members of the community are given opportunities to progress, to flourish and to develop their gifts and talents.

The ways we do this:

Through providing such a curriculum and assessment programme delivered by highly trained staff, we celebrate the achievements and gifts of the whole school community. Opportunities are also provided to develop skills and confidence outside of the curriculum, through enrichment activities


We are linking this goal with the introduction of growth mindsets, which focuses on developing Resilience, Initiative, Curiosity, Persistence and Risk taking. These have also been incorporated into our Junior and Senior goal graduates’ criteria.

We are also part of a global network of Sacred Heart Schools and universities in 30 countries across the world. Members of our 6th form have opportunities to take part in  exchanges with schools in USA, Canada, France ,Spain , Austria and Taiwan.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Society of the Sacred Heart and its schools, follow these links: