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Ethos Committee

A list of the governor committees and their terms of reference are set out below. 

All committees have responsibility:

  • To act strategically,
  • To provide regular written minutes of meetings to the full governing body, identifying decisions taken or action required, and to keep a signed copy of all minutes at the school, available for inspection on request.
  • To establish a list of policies coming within the area of responsibility of the committee and monitor, evaluate and review them regularly
  • To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference.


To act strategically in relation to the following:

School Improvement Plan

(common to all committees)
Work with the school in drafting the vision and setting strategic priorities for the School Improvement Plan.  Review and approve School Improvement Plan targets and performance indicators. Monitor and evaluate progress in meeting these priorities.
Policies & Statutory Information To monitor, evaluate and review the Ethos Committee Policies listed below.
Mission Statement Monitor and review effectiveness and agree an annual focus.
Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare To be responsible for all matters relating to safeguarding and pupil welfare, including the monitoring of exclusions.

Health & Wellbeing

To monitor both staff and pupil welfare and morale and to make suggestions where appropriate of key issues that could be addressed to improve wellbeing of both groups.

Catholic Life of the School

Monitor and review chaplaincy provision, including Liturgy and Worship. Monitor and review links with the Society including the Sacred Heart network of schools and colleges.
Links with the Community Monitor and review links with the local community including the police and local businesses.
Attendance Agree the attendance targets and monitor progress towards them. 
School’s Self-Evaluation Ascertain parents’ views of the school for input to the evaluation. Monitor and review relevant components of the evaluation and recommend to full Governors.
Risk Register To regularly review the risk register; to act carefully to mitigate risks; and to propose changes where appropriate to the full governors meeting.
Governor Visits In the summer term, make a plan for required governor visits for the following academic year to ensure appropriate oversight.
Governor Training Review training requirements of committee members and liaise with the Training Governor to secure this.  
Review effectiveness To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference as appropriate.

Ethos Committee Policies

Final approval of these particular policies rests with the full governing body:

• Acceptable Use & PC Guidelines Agreement Staff & Pupils (Statutory) separate documents for pupils and staff

• Accessibility Plan (Statutory) 

• Behaviour for Learning and Living in a Sacred Heart Community (Non-statutory)

• Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy and Procedures, Statutory

• Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy, Statutory 

The full governing body has delegated approval of the following policies to the Ethos Committee

• Sex & Relationships Education Policy (Statutory) 

• Anti-Bullying Policy (non-statutory)

• Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy (non-statutory)

• Attendance & Punctuality Policy (non-statutory)

• Awareness and Roles in Relation to Self-Harm (non-statutory)

• Bereavement Policy (non-statutory)

• Chaplaincy Policy (non-statutory)

• Children Missing Education (non-statutory)

• Community Cohesion Statement and Strategy (non-statutory)

• Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy (non-statutory)

• E-Safety Policy (non-statutory)

• Home School Agreement, Statutory (non-statutory)

• [proposed] Mental Health & Wellbeing of Pupils and Staff (non-statutory)

• Prevent Duty Policy (non-statutory)

• Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development Policy (non-statutory) 

• Use of Images of Children (non-statutory)

• Use of Force to Control and Restrain Pupils (non-statutory)

• Volunteers Policy (non-statutory)

• Visitor Procedures (non-statutory)

The full governing body has further delegated approval of the following statutory data set to the Chair of the Ethos Committee:

• Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Checks (statutory) 

The full governing body has further delegated approval of the following statutory data set to the Headteacher:

• Register of pupils’ attendance