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Premises, Health & Safety Committee

A list of the governor committees and their terms of reference are set out below. 

All committees have responsibility:

  • To act strategically,
  • To provide regular written minutes of meetings to the full governing body, identifying decisions taken or action required, and to keep a signed copy of all minutes at the school, available for inspection on request.
  • To establish a list of policies coming within the area of responsibility of the committee and monitor, evaluate and review them regularly
  • To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference.



To be accountable to all stakeholders and external agencies.  To act strategically in relation to the following: 

School Improvement Plan

(common to all committees)
Work with the school in drafting the vision and setting strategic priorities for the School Improvement Plan.  Review and approve School Improvement Plan targets and performance indicators. Monitor and evaluate progress in meeting these priorities.
Policies & Statutory Information To monitor, evaluate and review the Premises, Health & Safety Committee Policies listed below.

To ensure that the school complies with standards for health and safety on school premises. Review school’s compliance with recognised Health & Safety standards.   

Oversight of premises management compliance documents (e.g. monitoring that the school has an up to date fire risk assessment, legionella’s testing, PAT testing)
Health & Safety Monitoring Ensure the senior leadership team has considered specific health and safety issues and ensure that legal minimum standards for health and safety are being met. On a termly basis, receive and consider a report on health and safety including notification of any accidents. 
Asbestos Register Monitor the asbestos register and ensure that it is always up to date.
Health & Safety Culture Promote a culture which recognises that controlling health and safety risks is an essential part of everyone’s daily life.
Access for Health & Safety Reporting Have a named governor with health and safety responsibilities and ensure staff are aware that they can raise health and safety concerns with this or any governor at any time. The H&S governor to receive training in order to provide appropriate oversight.
School Trips  Oversee and authorise the arrangements for overnight school trips with input from the Trips Governor and in line with DfE policy. Final approval of trip risk assessments from the Chair of Governors.
Planning and Budgeting Ensure that maintenance, decoration, and equipment/furniture renewal is planned and budgeted for. 
Use of Premises, Equipment & Resources Audit & Review the use of the school premises, the equipment and resources and ensure they match the requirements of School Improvement Plan.
Spaces as Spiritual Support Monitor and review internal and external space as a source of spiritual support and development.  To ensure internal and external spaces are maintained and developed to promote aesthetic and spiritual needs.
Site Management Review site management, cleaning and grounds maintenance practices where appropriate.
Security Review site security arrangements and practice at least annually, or sooner following any security breach.
Property Strategy  Consider, determine the need for capital works at the school, in line with the School Improvement Plan and Asset Management Plan priorities, liaising with the Diocese/Trustees as suitable, and plan for these, making appropriate use of the school’s devolved capital budget. 
Award Contracts On behalf of the Governors and using principals of Best Value the Premises Committee has the authority to award contracts for premises and site work whereby funds are already in place and professional advice has been sought where necessary.
Risk Register To regularly review the risk register; to act carefully to mitigate risks; and to propose changes where appropriate to the full governors meeting 
Governor Visits In the summer term, make a plan for required governor visits for the following academic year to ensure appropriate oversight.
Training Review training requirements of committee members and liaise with the Training Governor to secure this.  
Review effectiveness To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference as appropriate














Premises Committee Policies

Final approval of these particular policies rests with the full governing body:

• Critical Incident Plan (including Fire Safety), Non-Statutory

• Health & Safety (Main Policy), Statutory (and also specific H&S policies for Science, Art, Design & Technology, and PE departments)

• (School) Trip Policy & Procedures 

• Lettings Policy and arrangements

The full governing body has delegated approval of the following policies to the Premises Committee

• Premises Management Documents, Statutory

• Trip Risk Assessments but with additional scrutiny/approval of the Chair of Governors.