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A list of the governor committees and their terms of reference are set out below. 

All committees have responsibility:

  • To act strategically,
  • To provide regular written minutes of meetings to the full governing body, identifying decisions taken or action required, and to keep a signed copy of all minutes at the school, available for inspection on request.
  • To establish a list of policies coming within the area of responsibility of the committee and monitor, evaluate and review them regularly
  • To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference.

Salaries Subcommittee

The terms of reference for this committee are set out below

Determine Pay Ranges for Individual staff In accordance with the Pay Policy, determine appropriate pay ranges for all individual staff, including allowances and recruitment and retention payments where appropriate.
Pay Decisions

Ensure that pay decisions are fair and equitable, link with the school Performance Management policy, are based on verifiable evidence and take account of the recommendations of the head teacher and, where appropriate, other members of the Senior Team.

Ensure accurate and up to date person specifications and job descriptions are maintained in school to inform pay decisions where necessary
External Advice Ensure that external advice is sought where appropriate, particularly in respect of salary matters relating to the head teacher. 
Issuing of Pay Statements Ensure annual pay statements are issued to all staff in accordance with the school pay policy 
Reporting Provide reports to the Governing Body summarising any issues arising from pay.


The head must withdraw from that part of the meeting where the subject of consideration is his or her own pay.  A relevant person must withdraw where there is a conflict of interest or any doubt about his/her ability to act impartially. The quorum for this committee will be two governors.