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A list of the governor committees and their terms of reference are set out below. 

All committees have responsibility:

  • To act strategically,
  • To provide regular written minutes of meetings to the full governing body, identifying decisions taken or action required, and to keep a signed copy of all minutes at the school, available for inspection on request.
  • To establish a list of policies coming within the area of responsibility of the committee and monitor, evaluate and review them regularly
  • To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference.


To be accountable to all stakeholders and external agencies.  To act strategically in relation to the following:

School Improvement Plan (common to all committees) Work with the school in drafting the vision and setting strategic priorities for the School Improvement Plan.  Review and approve School Improvement Plan targets and performance indicators. Monitor and evaluate progress in meeting these priorities.
Policies & Statutory Information To monitor, evaluate and review the Staffing, Management and Finance Committee Policies listed below.
Budget Review and approve the budget, ensuring it supports the School Improvement Plan’s priorities/targets. Present to the Governors for approval.  Monitor the budget and ensure expenditure stays within agreed limits, reporting significant potential variances to the Governors.
Recommend Headteacher Spending Delegations Recommend whether to pass the Governors’ responsibility to spend the budget (and any grants) to the Headteacher, and if so, to decide on any spending delegations as listed below. 
Audit To appoint auditors and to appoint an Audit Committee to monitor compliance with approved financial procedure and consider action required as a result of internal/external audit report.
Staffing Structure and School Pay Structure Review and approve the staffing structure of the school, in line with the School Improvement Plan. Review the school pay structure annually in light of changes to nationally recommended pay rates and report to the Governing Body as appropriate. Review the school staffing structure in respect of pay relativities of posts. Maintain an up to date staffing structure as an appendix to the Pay Policy.
Compliance  Observe all statutory and contractual obligations 
Equality Monitor and review relevant aspects of the School Equality Plan including the objectives and the annual Statement for Publication. 
Ensure Fair and Safe recruitment Ensure that all recruitment will be undertaken in accordance with safer recruitment practices, SHHS Policies, and where appropriate with advice from the local authority.
Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

Ensure that every member of staff has a job description which is kept under regular periodic review and a contract. Use the Responsible Officer to monitor this. Ensure appropriate person specifications are used in recruitment.

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures Undertake any procedure that comes under the remit of the Governors in relation to staff grievance, discipline or dismissal, in accordance with the policies adopted by the Governors. 
Continuing Professional Development Oversee and advise on the continuing professional development of the school management and staff, in line with the educational priorities of the school and the recommendations made by the performance reviewers. 
Teaching School Monitor and review Teaching School activities
Staff Welfare Take primary responsibility for matters concerning staff welfare.
Risk Register To regularly review the risk register; to act carefully to mitigate risks; and to propose changes where appropriate to the full governors meeting 
Governor Visits In the summer term, make a plan for required governor visits for the following academic year to ensure appropriate oversight.
Training Review training requirements of committee members and liaise with the Training Governor to secure this. 
Review effectiveness To review the effectiveness of the committee and recommend variations to the terms of reference as appropriate


Staffing, Management & Finance Committee Policies

Final approval of these particular policies rests with the full governing body:

• Data Protection Policy, Statutory

• Pay Policy, Non Statutory

• Whistleblowing Policy 

• Performance Management Policy, Non-statutory

• Equality Objectives and Statement for Publication, Statutory 

• Freedom of Information Publication Scheme for Academies, Statutory 

• Financial Regulations

• Investment Policy, mandatory for academies

• Tendering Policy, mandatory for academies

The full governing body has delegated approval of the following policies to the Staffing, Management & Finance Committee

• Charging and Remissions, Statutory and monitor implementation

• Complaints Procedure, Statutory

• Safer Recruitment 

• School Information to be published on school website, Statutory

• Staff Disciplinary Policy & Procedures (with Template Letters), Statutory

• Staff Grievance Resolution Policy & Procedures (with Template Letters), Statutory

• Staff Capability Policy & Procedures, Statutory

• Sickness Absence Policy & Procedures, Statutory

• CPD Policy, Non-statutory

• Hospitality and Gift Policy, Non-statutory