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Aims for our Students

  • Develop a strong spiritual life, a personal relationship with God and the attitudes of the heart of Jesus, expressed in respect, compassion, forgiveness, justice and generosity.
  • Participate actively in the school’s life of worship and liturgy, in all aspects of Chaplaincy provision, and, according to age and gifts, service and broader outreach work; Grow in self-knowledge, self-confidence and in dignity as a woman.
  • Be guided towards mental and physical wellbeing, and be able to take personal responsibility for balance in life
  • Express concern for others in her attitudes and in the very highest standards of behaviour.
  • Learn to live and make decisions as an independent, self-disciplined individual, who is able to co-operate with others and exercise leadership as appropriate.
  • Know about and respect the richness and variety of other races, cultures and religions so as to develop the ability to act with justice and take a stand against everything that undermines her own dignity and that of others.
  • Acquire a reverence for creation and a broad, critical vision of the world and environmental issues and be prepared to express concern in action.
  • Become increasingly skilful in the use of language and number as well as a confident, flexible and critical user of science, technology and computing, understanding their impact on a global society.
  • Develop cultural, artistic and creative achievements of her own and appreciate those of others.
  • Broaden her interests and skills and continue her development and education as an independent learner, able to live purposefully, critically and with enjoyment and make a difference in justice and faith to the society of the future.
  • Enjoy her years at the school and leave with a sense of her own giftedness and achievement, equipped to face the future.