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Career Website Links

There are excellent website links to support your daughter’s research into different career pathways:

1.       Apprenticeships

There is an alternative pathway to third level education known as an apprenticeship.  This is a paid job with training which lasts a minimum of 12 months.  Some apprenticeships offer a degree as part of their training, so you can go to university and your degree will be paid by the company who employs you.  If this pathway interests you, look up the following websites for further information – , and speak with our career’s advisor in school.

2.       Careers Guidance

There are websites in which people from different professions, inform you about how they applied for their job and what their job entails.  You can either search for information via subjects i.e. careers linked to geography or search for information via career fields i.e. law, education.  If you would like to know more then click on this website ; it offer short career videos with a range of professionals from accountants to zookeepers and it offers advice for key moments in your academic pathway – GCSE, A’ Level and degree choices. The following government website offers you a job description, including skills required, training needed and average pay range for different jobs -

3.       Inspirational Women

There are websites which promote the achievements of women in different careers.  Edwina Dunn created an educational charity called The Female Lead because she realised that for girls it is hard to identify with role-models in our society.  Her website seeks to help and inspire women everywhere to realize their hopes and ambitions

4.       Your Daughter’s Future

It can be difficult knowing what advice to give as a parent when your daughter is making key choices in her life about subject options and her career pathway.  The PDF Document, “Your Daughter’s Future” offers you guidance as a parent through these moments of choice.  The document is split into different sections which are age-appropriate so you do not have to read the whole document. (Click here for document)