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Learning Support & Curriculum Access

Curriculum Access and Learning Support is an integral part of both the academic and pastoral life here, and this holistic approach to care underpins everything that we do. We support teaching and learning by promoting wellbeing and working with staff, young people, families and other agencies. Our dedicated efforts to offer comprehensive Pastoral and Learning Support is central to our school's ethos.



There are Key Stage 3and 4 meetings every two weeks with Pastoral Support Managers, Senco, Counsellors and Mentors. Key Stage 5 meetings with Mrs O’Donovan, Miss Newton and a counsellor.

Working closely with students, staff and families, these sessions ensure care and support consistency exists and progress is made


Our Goal:

To help our students grow as young people, we provide the tools and guidance needed, so that,on the whole, the majority of our pupils can begin to navigate the complex world of emotional intelligence, academic training and life challenges. We want our students to become self-confident women that can navigate personal or professional challenges. 


Our Mission:

  • To be a school where the well-being of everyone is the prime concern of each member of our community
  • Support a learning community in which young people can realise their potential
  • Encourage pupils to grow up to be responsible, resilient and active members of their community
  • Promote emotional intelligence
  • Promote regular attendance and good behaviour as pre-conditions for maintaining high standards of achievement
  • Encourage our pupils to develop her own individuality, whilst learning also that personal freedom involves responsibility to others
  • Encourage tolerance and understanding between all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, disability or learning difference.
  • Facilitate a clear understanding that effort, kindness and good manners will be valued throughout life
  • Develop an understanding of being responsible for oneself by remaining curious to learn, persistent with effort, willing to take a risk and have a go, and a willingness to take the initiative.