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Funding and Support Structure

How is support allocated to children and how do they move between the different levels of support in school?


  • Sacred Heart High School receives funding from the Education Funding Agency and the local authority. These funds include money to support the learning of children with long term challenges in accessing the curriculum and/or disabilities.
  • The Head Teacher, in consultation with the school Governors, decides the budget for the Curriculum Access provision on the basis of the needs of the young people in the school from the non devolved budget.
  • For pupils with Education Health Care plans, the funding is allocated either to the school or as personalised budgets directly to the parents from the Local Authorities.
  • The Senior Leadership Team, together with the Senco, discuss the effectiveness of the school’s current interventions and provisions and prioritise an action plan, which may include additional or alternative interventions, staff training and equipment needs. 
  • If a young person has a medical condition that is long or short term, providing a letter  from a GP or hospital is given  to  the  to  verify the circumstances, rest breaks and laptops can be given without needing to go through the exam board.
  • Provision is reviewed regularly to ensure the best possible intervention is provided to those young people who require additional support to learn.
  • As with all pupils who come to Sacred Heart we aspire to enable each pupil to attain their predicted targets and to have a happy and fulfilled experience in the school community.