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Learning Goals

How will you support my child to reach his/her learning goals?

  • Our Mission Statement has always sought to promote the education of young women and academic excellence and strive to enable all pupils to aspire to achieve, the journey will be the same for young people who have challenges accessing the curriculum, however we recognise that she may need additional provision to enable her to manage school, aspire and achieve.  
  • The strategies to improve outcomes may be short (such as revision classes, peer tutoring, after school sessions) or long depending on the progress your daughter makes.  This provision will be reviewed (regularly and parents have termly feedback through the IPM system of school reporting. In addition, they are always welcome to contact the Senco.
  • External agencies and specialists will also review your child’s progress and adapt their planning accordingly.
  • What if my daughter is put onto the Curriculum Access Register, will this be a label for ever?   If your daughter has persistent difficulty with learning , post assessment and parent consultation, she will added to the Curriculum Access Register which acts as an alert to all staff that this young person needs additional support, the reasons why and methods for supporting her in class.