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Reading Resources

Learning Differences:

  • ADHD Living Without Brakes by Martin Kutscher
  • Surviving Your Adolescents : How to manage and let go of your 13-18 year olds by Glen Ellyn  
  • Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for  Parents – Jessica Kingsly Publications
  • Dyslexia and Parents by Margaret Malpas
  • Taking the Hell Out of Homework by Neil Mackay


Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

  • Positive Parenting. Managing your 13-16 year old  - Sharon Lissaman,   easy to read strategies.
  • Starving the Anxiety Gremlin by Kate Collins-Donnelly
  • Starving the Exam Stress Gremlin by Kate Collins-Donnelly
  • The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with emotions so you and your children can thrive by Robert Emery
  • Young People and Loss by Robin Cooper
  • Grief in Children by Atte Dyregrov
  • But What About Me? - by Wendy Mollah
  • Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?  - The Atlantic a research article about shifts in teenagers behaviours post phone technology.



Learning Differences:

  • Dyspraxia Foundation – provides useful information and contacts
  • iANSYST – provides accessible resource and guides about technology for dyslexic type differences.
  • British Dyslexia Foundation – advice, information and help to families
  • Text Help – assistive technology for reading, writing and researching.
  • Tony Attwood’s website  – very useful articles about ASD
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction – understandable and complete information about this broad topic
  • TED Talks – 15 minute online talks from experts on a variety of subjects including plenty on learning differences and adolescents.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health:

  • Action for Children – National Charity to support families
  • Divorce Aid UK – Independent. They have links to professionals and literature on their web site
  • Family Lives – Confidential help line we well as live on line chat and forums
  • Relate – strategies and tools for relationships
  • The Children’s Society – on line resources and articles
  • Young Minds – national charity committed to improving mental health  
  • Kidscape- Bullying Helpline  (for parents )
  • The Explosive Child  - a must read for parents of inflexible-explosive children who do not respond well to typical reward systems. Very empathetically written.