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Academic monitoring

All sixth form students’ academic progress is monitored carefully and rigorously to ensure that you meet and exceed your target grades. Students and parents receive six formal updates on students’ progress throughout the year, including the results of two sets of mock examinations, reports and parents evenings. The first update is with parents within a month, to ensure that transition issues are dealt with swiftly.


After each round of monitoring, students have structured conversations with their subject teachers and tutors to set and monitor their targets for improvement.


A sample monitoring calendar is provided below.



ALPs target grades are shared with students


Transition data is sent home to show students' early progress


The grades of our first set of mock examinations are published


Written reports from each teacher are published


The grades of our second set of mock examinations are published and shared on a mock results day


Sixth form parents evenings take place


Monitoring grades are published


A level examinations begin