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Rules and procedures

Our commitment to your learning and academic progress


  • As a school we will provide guidance and support to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions about the best pathways and courses for your academic and personal development in Sixth form.


  • You will be placed in a Sixth Form tutor group and your tutor will be your academic mentor and available to discuss any concerns that you might have about your learning and progress. As well as your subject teachers you mentor will work with you at key points during the academic year to assess progress and set targets


  • For each course that you study, there will also be a schedule of assignment, assessment and coursework deadlines will be drawn up and given to you. This will include an exam timetable for courses that are examined.


  • Sixth Form lessons will be planned with clear learning objectives and activities which enable you to learn and progress in the lesson.


  • Your teachers will make their expectations about independent learning and homework clear.


  • When work is handed in on time, and deadlines are met, your teacher will mark your coursework, assignments, tests and/or exams and return them to you with advice on improvements within a fortnight.


  • The school will provide a study support areas and access to resources to help you in your progression through Sixth Form.


    Your commitment to the school 


    Learning and Academic Progress


  • Arrive on time to school every morning and arrive at your lessons on time.


  • Attend your tutor session every day, as well as Sixth Form assemblies and other Sixth Form activities where required.


  • Inform the school Office about absence due to illness by 8.15am on the day of absence.


  • Do not book medical or other appointments in school time. Where this is unavoidable, evidence of appointment must be produced 48 hours in advance and all work must be recouped.


  • Bring appropriate equipment to all of your lessons (e.g. pens, paper, textbooks that you have been given, your course file).


  • Work hard in your lessons – listen carefully to instructions given by your teacher, engage in the learning activities and complete your work to the best of your ability.


  • Use your Student Planner effectively and meet all deadlines – including homework, coursework and unit assignments.


  • Work hard to reach your end of year academic targets.


    Consequences for poor commitment to learning and academic progress


    We hope that you will engage fully in all of your courses in the Sixth Form. If you are having problems in class, with learning, with homework, with deadlines or with progress, your teacher will speak to you about his/her concerns, and agree targets to improve the situation. Once you have had this support from your teacher, if the problem is not solved, your situation will become an academic concern, which will be dealt with by the Sixth Form pastoral team.


    The following concerns will lead to a discussion with your teacher. If there is no improvement, an Academic Cause for Concern will be entered by your teacher on SIMS:


  • Poor attendance


  • Poor application to learning


  • Failure to meet a deadline / Failure to meet a second deadline


  • Concern regarding progress towards academic targets


    Your commitment:  Behaviour


  • Conduct yourself sensibly and maturely at all times, acting as a role model for younger students.


  • Only drink and eat in the Sixth Form Café or the school canteen. Hot food bought in the café or canteen must not be taken elsewhere. Hot food and drinks should not be consumed in form rooms.


  • Use appropriate language and don’t swear.


  • Respect the environment and dispose of litter carefully.


  • Respect the Sixth Form study room, the Café and all other areas of the school.


  • Behave appropriately in school and around school, including lunch time and journeys to and from school. Large groups should not congregate at Hammersmith Broadway.


  • Follow instructions given by school staff at all time and without complaint. Serious defiance will be viewed as a Serious Incident (see next page). Breaking the above rules will lead to a discussion with your tutor, followed by your academic mentor if the behaviour persists, and may even result in your being placed on an academic report or a parent meeting.


    Serious Incidents


    The following behaviours are regarded as extremely serious.


  • Verbal or physical abuse towards a member of staff


  • Fighting, bullying, racist or other seriously inappropriate/ antisocial behaviour (including on social media sites)


  • Sustained defiance and/or obstructive behaviour that impinges on others’ learning


  • Deliberate vandalism or theft


  • Bringing dangerous items into the school


  • Possession of drugs and/ or use of drugs (including alcohol)


  • Smoking in the school or in its immediate vicinity. (Any of the above will result in immediate temporary exclusion from the Sixth Form pending further investigation and could lead to permanent exclusion.)


  • Sustained breaking the Sixth Form Dress Code.


  • Bringing the school into disrepute, either in person or via any online activities such as social media, forums or on websites


Additionally, the above behaviours could lead to any of the consequences below: Parent meeting with Director of Sixth Form and Head teacher, final warning and contract, Community Service or Exclusion.


Updated June 2015