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Head Girls Welcome


The reason I love Sacred Heart is that the staff here really care about you and do everything they can to make sure that you succeed. If you are having a bad day, that matters to them and they will take the time to talk to you about it. As you progress to Sixth Form, life here gets even better.  Because of the small class sizes, it’s a bit like having a one-to-one tutor all of the time, which is amazing. If I am finding something difficult to understand, all I have to do is ask and there will be someone there to help me – almost immediately.

Last week my Science teacher brought us all chocolate. He felt we needed cheering up. Nice!


I think the reason I really like being here is that it is an all-girl educational environment and everything is set up with girls in mind. Some of my friends that have left are finding the transition to a mixed school environment a bit difficult, and miss the friendly, supportive environment here. This is a girls’ school designed for girls, and that makes a difference. This feels right for me and I am really glad I am staying until I finish my A Levels. Honestly, Sixth Form is really the best couple of years at Sacred Heart. It’s great. I think the younger girls should spend a day with us to see how cool it is!