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Head Girls Welcome


The definition of a school is ‘an institution for educating children’. I never thought I would get attached to a school. But that is because the official definition of school has grown to mean so much more to me since I have been at Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart High School hasn’t just provided me with an academic education (although the teachers have done a fantastic job with that) but growth. I have joined a community that has managed to hear and care for my voice alongside those of more than 1000 pupils. I feel special and loved; two values that I am so happy to leave with. 

I have had the chance and support to flourish in ways in which I am proud of and was not expecting. I take inspiration from both pupils and teachers that help give the school the definition that makes it unique to any other. Although I will be leaving soon, I will cherish Sacred Heart forever - just as much as it has cherished me. 






To me Sacred Heart is more than just a school, I’ve mentioned in previous speeches that to me it is a second home. Since joining in Year 7, I’ve learnt so many values through our curriculum and community that we have here. I have learnt to be more curious, resilient and take more risks when it comes to my education. On a personal level I have learnt to be confident and I’ve learnt the meanings of friendship and trust.

I have also been able to explore religion and deepen my faith both in and out of the classroom. Sacred Heart has such a strong community which is held together by our amazing staff and teachers. Every person plays an individual role, no matter how big or small, that has led to this community being what it is today. Although I was much younger at the time, I look back at my first day, when I was full of nerves, and the one thing I would tell myself is that I was in the best hands possible - that Sacred Heart is the school where I was meant to be. This is the school that helped not only me, but my younger sister and my parents whenever we needed. While education and academics are obviously the most important part of any school, what is special about Sacred Heart is that we learn how to be good people, and are taken from knowing nothing of the world to being young ladies who can accomplish anything.