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Head Girls Welcome


Sacred Heart High School is a place full of opportunities.

Last year, we decided to set up a debating club.  All students were invited to join, share their beliefs and opinions. Participants enhanced critical and analytical thinking, oratory skills and confidence.  Every student was able to freely express their views on any given topic as well as engage in political and social debate.

Politics can often feel like something which is far removed from everyday life, and something which most young people don’t easily relate to. Therefore, as a politics student, I am acutely aware of the importance of encouraging young people to become politically active, in order to become driving forces of change. 

Sacred Heart has given me the opportunity to tutor Year 7 students in Maths and English. Education is the key to social mobility and too many young people are unable to shape their own destiny, or develop the skills, passions and careers they wish to pursue.


Through the school’s work with an organisation called Team Up, we are able to work towards reducing the widening attainment gap in education by helping underachieving disadvantaged pupils double their expected progress in order to improve the choices open to them.  As a tutor I was also able to gain access to exclusive training  opportunities which has also strengthened  my employment prospects.


Why do I like Sacred Heart?

I have been a part of the Sacred Heart community since 2014 and it is like being part of a family. I am studying Physics, Maths and Geography for A Level and with the support of the school, especially my form tutor, I am hoping to study either Civil or General Engineering at University.


The small classes in our Sixth Form, as well as the constant support from teachers, have aided me brilliantly in deciding what degree is best suited for me and my capabilities. 


What I especially enjoy about being in the Sixth Form is that we are able to offer girls in the younger years’ advice, supporting them with problems ranging from subject options to general life situations.  

What I love most about being at Sacred Heart is the time and energy teachers put into the class, ensuring students achieve their best.  I have found this to be especially true in the upper years of the school, with teachers offering extra sessions after school and during lunch time to ensure you don’t fall behind, and that you understand the topics fully.