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Historical Presentation, to be repeated

We opened the school for a talk about the extraordinary history of our site at 212 Hammersmith Road from 1669 to the present day.  Approx 180 attended, and the talk was very well received.  Within about 40 minutes, our entire stock of the book 'The Nunnery At Hammersmith' sold out.  A second edition is now being reprinted, and we hope this can be available from September 2024.

  • A riveting talk last evening. So much learning and delivered in a compelling way. 
  • A seamlessly coherent narrative, such an engaging presentation.

We plan to repeat this event next academic year after the summer holidays.

The tale involves the Catholic wives of Protest Kings supporting a clandestine convent at a time when it was illegal to be Catholic. Direct links from the Gunpowder Plot to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution; and to the extraordinary fortitude of the nuns who lived and worked here with occasional spells in gaol, the threat of execution and even an armed raid by militia.    Local residents and interest groups were invited as well as those from the school community.

Ticket sales from these events are being used to contribute to our Cloister Paintings Restoration Fund.  The webpage linked below, focusses on Stage 2 of this fundraising project (£17,900), but it also allows you to view all the later stages and to see images of all the other cloister painting panels, if you click on the 'later stages' tab:  Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith - Cloister Paintings Restoration Fund. 

All in a good cause! I do hope you can join us next year for the repeat event.

If you would like specific notification of the dates for repeated events (when they have been resolved) please email Alex Dijkhuis using the address below, and she can keep you informed.