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Business Studies

Course overview

The core of the BTEC specification is to understand the nature of Business; candidates must actively experience the business environment. This is achieved through a variety of approaches, links with local employers, case studies and research. This qualification provides students with a broad introduction to the business sector and will encourage them to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, such as discovering the problems and opportunities faced by local businesses and/or organising an enterprise activity. 

Mandatory units include; Exploring Business, Managing an Event, International Business, Developing a Marketing campaign external controlled assignment, Principles of Management external controlled assignment and Personal and Business Finance exam unit 

There are also a number of optional topics including training and development and recruitment and selection.

Beyond the Classroom

The Brokerage Citylink are an independent charity providing young people in London with a 'Pathway' of opportunities into employment, working in partnership with employers, schools and volunteers at every stage.

The Brokerage tries to make it clear that the City has opportunities for people in a wide range of careers at various levels. Through meeting and working with City employees, students are encouraged to re-evaluate their preconceptions of a career in the City. Citylink provides access to employers and internships for who aspire to a career within the financial services.

A BTEC in Business is a great alternative pathway to University as can be seen from the following examples:

  • University of Sheffield: Business Studies and Management: Typical offer: BTEC distinction; Note: Successful applicants will also need GCSE grade 6 in Mathematics.  
  • Loughborough University Business School: Management Science (Bsc): Offer: BTEC distinction. Note: Successful applicants require GCSE grade 6 Mathematics and English.  
  • Queen Mary University Business Management (Bsc): Offer: BTEC distinction.      Note: Successful applicants require grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.