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Further Mathematics

What do we Study?

Students who are particularly interested in Mathematics are able to take a second full A Level. This second subject, Further Mathematics, widens out the range of Mathematics learnt. Students get the opportunity to delve more deeply into the Pure Maths and Mechanics that they meet in the single subject, and also study some Decision Maths for the first time. The study of Decision Maths focuses on solving large scale problems such as how to find the fastest route between any two points or ensuring a project is done in the shortest possible time with the fewest number of workers necessary. People who choose to become ‘double mathematicians’ already know that they get satisfaction from the beauty and rigour of the subject and will be willing to take on the challenge of a concentrated course. They are often very competent mathematicians who are able to think deeply and develop mathematical ideas

Beyond the Classroom

Students are given the opportunity to attend lectures outside of school with external speakers covering a range of interesting and different topic discussions. In Year 12 they are also given the chance to attend a Maths Fest event run by several prominent mathematicians from the online platforms. They are also encouraged as part of community service to the school to help younger students with their Maths in lessons.

Where it Might Lead

The skills such in problem solving you learn during A Level Maths is very applicable to a wide range of careers and opportunities. The most obvious applications are in scientific fields but plenty of other careers involve these skills that might not be so immediately obvious.