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High Performance Learning (HPL)



Sacred Heart High School has developed  an  ethos  around  building  a  Growth Mindset in all pupils. This focus is based on neuro-scientific research and the theories of Carol Dweck, which explain how intelligence is not fixed and the brain can be trained and developed with the right attitudes, beliefs and practices.

The educational system and philosophy of 'High Performance Learning' takes Growth Mindsets a stage further by encouraging advanced thinking skills and learning behaviours. This combination of how to think and how to behave is what leads to success.  Sacred Heart High School is accredited as a World Class High Performance Learning School.

The HPL programme has had a significant impact on academic outcomes, whilst ensuring an appropriate balance for maintaining student well-being.  As High Performance Learning becomes further embedded, Sacred Heart High School is well placed to make a significant contribution to the ambitious goals that the HPL organisation has, for revolutionising educational thinking and making this philosophy a widespread feature of all schooling.