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Moving On

The majority of Sixth Form students move on to higher education, with many taking places at top universities including Oxford, UCL, Bristol and Durham. Whether students wish to study medicine at Oxford, begin an engineering apprenticeship, or go straight into employment, they will be supported and encouraged during their time at Sacred Heart.  

Students are given support and guidance both from their tutor and careers advisor.  Students interested in attending university will follow a detailed programme designed to provide them with all the information that they will need to apply to UCAS.  Students are encouraged to attend Open Days, Interviews and the UCAS Convention in March.  

While we are incredibly proud of our Year 13s, their exam results and university destinations, they are not in themselves the complete story and do not define our students.  Leavers have,  throughout their seven years at Sacred Heart, made a tremendous contribution to our school community and for this we are eternally grateful. As well as fulfilling their own academic ambitions,  they have grown into superb young adults ready to take their place in the wider world.   

'Courage and Confidence...' Madeleine Sophie Barat