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'One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.' Bob Marley
What do we Study

At A level, we study the Eduqas music exam board, which offers a broad and coherent programme of study; as well as prepare the s

A Level Music is exciting and rewarding, unique in its combination of academic study and creative opportunity. The course is based around developing three key skills; performing, composing and listening, and appraising. You build on your knowledge of musical theory, gain a solid understanding of the basic principles of performance, refine your practical skills, study and practice composition, and expand your knowledge of music history through listening and appraisal.

Within these areas of study, A level Music offers you the opportunity to develop your ability to use musical devises and conventions through composition, engage with and increase awareness and appreciation of the diverse heritage of music, and develop critical evaluation skills through appraising your own and other’s. 

Studying music at this level is indeed challenging; but the variety of academia and creativity is remains both enjoyable and engaging.

Beyond the Classroom

The music department provides all students the opportunity to express and interpret music in their own way. They are able to share and celebrate their achievements and participate in, as well as direct various music ensembles. All students are encouraged to regularly attend concerts, recitals, masterclasses and workshops to enable them to meet other musicians and other leading professionals.

Where it might Lead

 Whilst Music can be a useful subject for Arts and Media courses at university, the most obvious degree pathway is going on to a degree in Music, which can lead to a range of exciting career options, including becoming a professional musician, a sound technician, a music therapist, a teacher, or a private tutor. Jobs that are less directly related a Music degree, but where a Music degree could be very valuable include arts administration, and work in radio, theatre and events management. 

For those who do not opt to continue their music studies often enrol in musical activities such as choirs and orchestra at their chosen university with music remaining an important part of their lives. 

A Level Music is a highly regarded subject, either alongside other creative courses or in demonstrating a broader range of skills next to Science, Maths or other non-creative subjects.