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Sixth Form Uniform

The school adopted a Uniform Policy in 2023 which broadens the supplier choice for many elements of the uniform, to try to limit cost for parents and carers.

Sixth Formers are recognised as leaders within our school community and set an example for younger students.  They recognise their status and responsibility and support and enhance our ethos through their appearance.   The official school uniform must be worn correctly at all times in school, or when travelling to and from school, or to other venues.

It is a condition of being accepted into the Sixth Form that you agree to correctly wear the Sixth Form uniform . You set the tone for the whole school and we expect you to set high standards in personal appearance at all times. The emphasis is on professionalism and maturity i.e. smart, conventional appearance.  

Required Sixth Form Uniform
Blazer Black crested blazer with pale blue stripes. The Head will make a decision during the summer term when girls do not need blazers during exceptionally hot weather. No other outdoor wear may be substituted. Sogans
Blouse White short-sleeved revere collar blouse. Any
Pullover Black V-neck pullover (not a sweatshirt) Any
Skirt or trousers

Black A-Line skirt. Skirt length must be on or below the knee.  Not pleated, not a tube skirt. It must be made of woven material not stretchy/elastic material.

Black trousers, straight cut to ankle length (woven material, not stretchy or jeans)
Shoes Dark Blue or black smart shoes. Plimsolls or trainers, except for Games are not acceptable and may not be worn without the full PE kit. Shoes should be low-heeled and black and should preferably have rubber soles. Ankle boots are not allowed. Any
Socks/tights Black, white ankle or knee length socks and plain black or neutral tights.  No ‘trainer socks’. Any
Bag Bags should be big enough to carry your text books, A4 and lever-arch folders.  A handbag will not be suitable.  Bags with overt lettering such as ‘Just do it’, or promoting brand names or shops are not allowed. Any
Sixth form Optional Extras
Outer coat This is only required to be worn during periods of cold weather and is then to be worn to and from school and to be available to be worn by the student when outside at break. The coat is not to be worn inside. It should be plain navy blue or black Any, including Sogans
Scarf There is a specific Sacred Heart scarf available from Sogans, but students can also wear and plain navy or back scarf Any
Gloves Plain navy or black Any
Hair accessories Plain navy or black Any
Jewellery, make-up, hairstyles

A simple necklace and one pair of discreet stud, or hoop earrings (e.g. silver/ gold/ crystal/ pearl) conventionally placed, may be worn. Piercings elsewhere are not permitted, including nose piercings. A plain inexpensive watch can also be worn, as well as 1 ring and 1 bracelet (both to be discreet).

All jewellery must be removed for physical activity on Health and Safety grounds. The school cannot be responsible for lost jewellery. 

Make-up should be discreet and reflect the tone of ‘business dress’. Any student who fails to meet this requirement will be told to remove all make-up and must give a donation of 50p to charity. Nails must be of appropriate length and polish, if worn, should be light in colour, not dark or bright.

Hairstyles should be appropriate for school, and should reflect the tone of ‘business dress’. Colour and style should be appropriate for young adults and not extreme, bright colours are not permitted.


If in doubt about an item’s suitability, please discuss this with your Head of Year in advance.  If a member of staff feels that what you are wearing is inappropriate they will ask you to address the issue. This may include you going home to get changed.  Stating “I didn’t know or wasn’t sure it was allowed” is not an acceptable reason.


The Sixth Form uniform can be purchased in store at Sogans or online here. 

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