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Sixth Form Dress Code and Uniform 

Sixth Formers are recognised as leaders within our school community and set an example for younger students.  They recognise their status and responsibility and support and enhance our ethos through their appearance.  While we recognise individuality within our Sixth Form students, we have adopted a dress code applicable to all. 

Hair should be traditionally styled.  Extremes of fashion e.g. shaved hair, beads, braids, unnatural tints, dyes and highlights are not acceptable. Makeup and ear piercings may be worn if discreet. All jewellery must be removed for physical activity on Health and Safety grounds. The school cannot be responsible for lost jewellery.  If you are unsure about any aspect of this please speak to your Head of Year. If a member of staff feels what you are wearing is inappropriate they will ask you to address the issue. This may include you going home to get changed. 

The Sixth Form uniform can be purchased in store at Sogans or online here. 

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