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We have been busy implementing our recovery curriculum and planning for the  safe reopening of the school.   Staff have been working tirelessly on curriculum and assessment plans to ensure learning is consolidated, gaps are addressed and new learning is introduced swiftly with the necessary support once school begins.  We are confident our plans, supported by a focus on positive mental health and well being, will enable pupils to gain ground quickly once the new term begins. 

The latter part of this academic year has without doubt been challenging for all of our school community in ways we could never have anticipated.  Throughout this time however, we have been continually reminded that as a Sacred Heart school we are so much more than our school buildings: in the determination of staff to go over and above to engage and support pupils; in the resilience and creativity of pupils; and in the thoughtfulness, care and compassion of the numerous acts of kindness demonstrated within and beyond the school community.  As we begin our journey of recovery in September, these are the things which will continue to hold us together as a community of faith and learning.

As well as producing the Guide for Parents, Carers and Students (See link below), we have embarked on a wide range of measures to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus. All students will be in year group ‘bubbles’ that will gather in their own allocated areas during breaks and lunchtime. One-way systems have been introduced and the timetable has been adjusted to incorporate staggered lunch breaks, all helping to minimise congestion in corridors and communal areas. Additional staff have been trained in First Aid and arrangements made to boost cleaning in the School, particularly on high-contact surfaces, such as door handles.

Once again, we thank you for your amazing daughters and your support over the last year.  We look forward to welcoming all our students back to school.