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Sacred Heart High School is committed to providing a world-class education for all students. Our mission statement recognises the value and worth of the individual pupil, and it is this which lies at the heart of our curriculum.  We view every individual as unique, and we encourage and support every student to become the very best version of themselves.   Our student body has rich diversity, and we seek to reflect this across our curriculum.

We supplement the long-standing Sacred Heart Education philosophy 'recognising the individual' with a clear pedagogical approach referred to as High Performance Learning (HPL) which creates a scaffold to enable each child, irrespective of their background, to perform highly. 

Our broad and rich academic curriculum includes a range of different pathways, to suit the talents of all our students. We encourage our students to be independent thinkers, to challenge conventional wisdom and to take responsibility for their own learning, working with others and making an active contribution to the life of the school.

We actively promote engaging, and dynamic student learning experiences shaped by best practice research, essential to securing successful outcomes for students of all abilities.   Assessment approaches which are creative, adaptive and vibrant are key to this process.  Successful learning occurs when learners have ownership of their learning, when they understand the goals they are aiming for; when crucially, they are motivated and have the skills to achieve success.

Effective assessment ensures that we remain true to our Mission Statement; 

‘Challenging and supporting each other to achieve our full potential and to develop gifts and talents for the service of other' and 'Creating a well-ordered, stimulating, secure and encouraging learning environment…offering a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of each student.’

The school recognises the essential role of the parent/carer in maximising pupil potential.  It strives, therefore to utilise every opportunity to share with parents, information and processes and to support each individual pupil.

Curriculum for Specific Subjects and Years

The curriculum for every year for every subject is shown below.  If you still need further clarification please email the relevant department using the head of department email addresses provided on our Contact Us page.  Our Accessibility Plan  sets out how we increase the extent to which disabled pupils participate in the school’s curriculum.

Key Stage 3

You can read more about the Key Stage 3 Curriculum for each subject using these links

English Language & Literature Curriculum  Computer Science Curriculum
Mathematics Curriculum Geography Curriculum
Science Curriculum History Curriculum
Religious Education Curriculum Physical Education Curriculum
Drama Curriculum Music Curriculum 
Art & Design Curriculum French Curriculum
Design & Technology Curriculum Spanish Curriculum
Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Curriculum information for each of the GCSE subjects listed below can be found in our detailed GCSE Options Guide March 2023 Each subject is listed in the contents page.

All students study:

English Language Biology
English Literature Physics
Mathematics Chemistry
Religious Education (or alternatively Combined Science)
French or Spanish  

Students also choose to carry on up to three subjects from the following options: 

Art Business Studies History
Design & Technology Drama Geography
Computer Science French Physical Education
Music Spanish  

There is sufficient flexibility of choice to meet individual interests, thus maintaining all important breadth and interest.

Key Stage 5 (A-Levels and BTEC)

Curriculum information for each of our sixth form subjects listed below can be found in our detailed Sixth Form Course Guide 2023 Each subject is listed in the contents page.

All subjects listed below are A-Levels unless specified otherwise.

Art & Design  Biology Geography
Product Design  Chemistry History
Drama & Theatre Studies  Physics Government & Politics
English Literature  Applied Science BTEC Business Studies BTEC
French Physical Education Psychology
Spanish Mathematics  Sociology
Music Further Mathematics Classics
  Economics Religious Studies in Philosophy & Ethics
  Computer Science