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Head Teacher's Welcome

'We must put our talents at interest and not bury them in the earth and reason is sufficient, that they are God’s.'  

I am delighted to welcome you to Sacred Heart High School (SHHS).  Apart from the twenty years as a seminary in the late nineteenth century, our site has a 330 year tradition of contributing to the education of young women.

SHHS is an ‘Exceptional school’, one of only a handful of secondary schools in England to be recognised as such by Ofsted. Our Progress 8, places SHHS in the top 1% of state schools nationally. Set against a comprehensive intake, we are proud of each and every student under our care and the contribution they make to our school community and beyond.  

Everything we do at SHHS is driven by the five goals of a Sacred Heart education:
  • A personal and active faith in God
  • A deep respect for intellectual values
  • Social awareness which impels to action
  • Building community as a Christian value
  • Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

While we value the spiritual growth above all, we are also rightly proud of our student’s academic achievements. 2020 A Level results confirm 37% of all grades at A*/A.  A more detailed breakdown is provided via the following link.  2020 A Level results

Aspirational teachers encourage students to work hard and achieve their full potential. Our unique ‘all girl’ environment together with smaller class sizes, enables our students to aim high and reach their full potential. While we are still awaiting confirmation of 2020 University places,  in 2019, 88% of our students applied to University, with 66% of achieving their first choice. We are excited about the future of our Alumnae and the subjects they have chosen to study, from medicine, dentistry and law to fashion journalism, anthropology and archaeology. We wish them all well.

'For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society' Madeleine Sophie Barat