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House System

The House system is an integral part of being a member of a Sacred Heart school. The House system allows every student and member of staff to feel a sense of belonging. The Houses are called Andersson, Du Rousier, Killeen, Sheldon and Thornton. They are named after Sisters of the Sacred Heart who showed leadership and amazing courage as they journeyed to different parts of the world and set up Sacred Heart institutions. 
Sacred Heart High School is proud of the House system that fosters and builds school spirit.

Each student has a House badge that represents the House that they are in. Tutor groups are vertical and are made up of students from Year 7 to 13. This breaks down barriers between the year groups and creates a sense of togetherness; encouraging the older students to look out for the younger ones.

There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example, House events include sporting activities, debating, Spelling Bee and various quizzes throughout the year based on things such as healthy lifestyles or European Week of Languages. Staff lead by example and take part in exactly the same events as the students. These competitions regularly attract crowds of supporters cheering for their House.

All students have the opportunity to earn House points for their House. These are awarded for things such as good work, contribution to lessons and participation in House competitions. Students can also gain valuable House points every week for merely doing the right thing. House points are awarded for perfect attendance, punctuality, uniform and equipment.

At the end of the academic year all House points are added up and one House wins the overall trophy.

The House information boards, by the blue stairs, provide regular updates as and when required.