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Lower School (KS3)

'When I first came to Sacred Heart I thought it was big and scary and that I would never get used to it. We older girls know how the younger girls feel, and really enjoy helping them to settle in. We are a community. We do care. This is a nice place to be. It’s hard work, but it is a great place to get the work done. The big bonus is that we enjoy our time here'

The Lower School represents Years 7, 8, and 9 or Key Stage 3 (KS3) at Sacred Heart.  We understand the transfer to secondary school can bring with it new challenges but also many exciting new opportunities. Rest assured, once students begin their secondary school journey in year seven, they will receive all the help they need to settle into this new environment. 

We recognise that many things are new at the start of secondary school;  new classmates, a new environment, many different teachers, brand new subjects and languages to learn, a great variety of sport, drama, and music, and lots of different lunch-times and after school clubs.

Form tutors will guide new students through these changes, and as part of the Sacred Heart community, we extend our pastoral care to parents. As parents, you will be expected to attend parents’ evenings throughout the academic year. This will give you an opportunity to receive feedback from teachers. In addition, we have an incredibly active Parents, Teachers, and Friends Association (PTFA), so there will be lots of social activities too with many opportunities to meet parents from your year group and fundraise for your school.

The emphasis in the Lower School is very much on ‘finding your feet’ in new academic and social environments. We want our students to explore the many different options the school curriculum has to offer, as well as a wide variety of clubs, music, drama, and sporting activities. Students have the opportunity to learn new subjects and skills and can be creative and inquisitive in their learning before the focus on exams begins in the Upper School.