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Our Extended Family


We love keeping in touch with our past students.  We all remain one family, one community, even years after our students have moved on to start the rest of their lives.  See the tabs on this page (on the left if you are viewing this page on a computer, but at the base of this page if you are viewing through a phone) for memories from past pupils from 1920s onwards - including wearing white gloves and panama hats; watching the coronation procession for George VI; turning up late to school after being caught up in the blast of a flying bomb; processing round the cloisters in veils; etc.  

Our great thanks is directed towards Sr Eileen Foster RSCJ who collected most of the memories from 1929-1963 as part of her book 'The Foundation and Development of Sacred Heart Secondary School, Hammersmith 1893-1975'.  Other reflections from that period and later have been sent in from our alumnae, and we welcome more.

The memories from pre-1920 are records from school logbooks in the archives, rather than submissions from alumnae.

Family photos

The strength of the Sacred Heart community is evidenced in the wonderful alumnae photos below.  Well over 900 alumnae joined us for our 130th birthday garden party in July 2023.  It's lovely to see the joy of reunions.  We feel blessed in the loyalty and love for the school shown by our past students.  Our staff were equally thrilled to catch up with past students of all ages and to hear their news. 


Our Family Abroad

Sacred Heart College, Malta

We had a visit in May 2023 from Imogen Aquilina, an ex primary and secondary pupil from Sacred Heart in St Julian's Malta. The school is officially called the Sacred Heart College. She has shared some images from the school. What a huge chapel; what a wonderful quad with the palm trees!  Sending best wishes to our family in Malta.


Sacred Heart Greenwich, Connecticut

We were so happy to welcome in June 2023, a small group of students and parents from Sacred Heart Greenwich in Connecticut USA.  The pupils spent time with our own students of a similar age and the adults enjoyed (we hope!) a history tour of the school.  Ms Lorenzato who was our Chaplain here, spent a year sabbatical working at this in Connecticut, and we have heard wonderful stories of her time there.