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Our Mission Statement & Vision for 2025

Mission Statement

The Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith is an 11-18 girls’ Comprehensive school. The school was founded in 1893 by the Society of the Sacred Heart and has always sought to promote the education of women and academic excellence.

Today we are a community of faith and learning, based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His values and teachings. We seek to constantly improve everything we do so that we can make a difference for the young women who will shape the society of the future.   Above all else, this community works together to bring one another to an awareness of the fullness and meaning of their life, rooted in the love of God.

We do this through:
  • Providing an excellent education which inspires a life-long love of learning;
  • Respecting the uniqueness, worth and development of each individual, both as a learner and as a person called by God in dignity and faith;
  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of each student;
  • Challenging and supporting each other to achieve our full potential and to develop gifts and talents for the service of others
  • Recruiting excellent, committed and highly qualified staff who are valued and respected for their contribution and development as learners and educators
  • Building upon our partnership with parents, the Society of the Sacred Heart, Governors, the Church and the local education authority
  • Strengthening and extending collaborative links with the international network of Sacred Heart schools and Colleges, other learning institutions, including Universities and the wider community;
  • Creating a well ordered, stimulating, and secure learning environment, which encourages personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom;
  • Making effective use of all our resources on behalf of the young people who come here.
  • Develop a strong spiritual life, a personal relationship with God and the attitudes of the heart of Jesus, expressed in respect, compassion, forgiveness, justice and generosity.
  • Participate actively in the school’s life of worship and liturgy, in all aspects of Chaplaincy provision, and, according to age and gifts, service and broader outreach work; Grow in self-knowledge, self-confidence and in dignity as a woman.
  • Be guided towards mental and physical wellbeing, and be able to take personal responsibility for balance in life
  • Express concern for others in her attitudes and in the very highest standards of behaviour.
  • Learn to live and make decisions as an independent, self-disciplined individual, who is able to co-operate with others and exercise leadership as appropriate.
  • Know about and respect the richness and variety of other races, cultures and religions so as to develop the ability to act with justice and take a stand against everything that undermines her own dignity and that of others.
  • Acquire a reverence for creation and a broad, critical vision of the world and environmental issues and be prepared to express concern in action.
  • Become increasingly skilful in the use of language and number as well as a confident, flexible and critical user of science, technology and computing, understanding their impact on a global society.
  • Develop cultural, artistic and creative achievements of her own and appreciate those of others.
  • Broaden her interests and skills and continue her development and education as an independent learner, able to live purposefully, critically and with enjoyment and make a difference in justice and faith to the society of the future.
  • Enjoy her years at the school and leave with a sense of her own giftedness and achievement, equipped to face the future.

Vision for 2025, with Priorities and Targets

You can use this link to read beyond the Mission Statement, with further detail about the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, our Vision for 2025 and our current priorities and targets.  This was prepared collaboratively and sits above a series of more detailed action plans.  Vision, Priorities and Targets, October 2022.