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PTFA Committee information

Charity registration number: 1177111

Charity Name: Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith Parents Teachers and Friends Association

(Roles of individuals as they relate to PTFA, this may not be a complete list of responsibilities but forms the structure of the committee)

Role Name

Role Type


PTFA Honorary President


Representing the Governing Body of the school, involved in final sign off of larger Financial decisions of PTFA.  Ensures PTFA remains independent. Charity Trustee (if required).


Parent / Friend

Facilitates activities and meetings of PTFA; ensures Requests for Funds are fulfilled correctly; works alongside Development Manager and School Representative to ensure that school requests are heard; liaison for Parent Involvement in fundraising and idea generation. Checks inventory of PTFA supplies.  Keeps Charities Commission website updated.  Ensures following of PTFA constitution.  Charity Trustee.



Trustee of Charity.  Cheque Signatory.  School Diary liaison.  Deputy for Honorary PTFA President.


Parent / Friend

The Treasurer ensures accurate financial records are kept and best practice procedures are followed for counting money, banking and making payments. He or she should keep the committee updated with regular reports, and ensure end of year reports are completed for the association’s AGM and the Charity Commission annual return.


Parent / Friend

Minute taking and record keeping at PTFA AGM, Committee and Open Committee Meetings.

Communications Officer Parent/Friend

Assists the PTFA with planning meetings and all communications; Manages the communication between the committee, volunteers and school; Prepares the publicity around the events; Helps recruit volunteers; Encourages family engagement in PTFA projects and activities.

School Representative


Liaison between Teachers / School Departments and the PTFA Chair.

Committee Member

Parent / Friend

Forms Sub Committee for individual events and reports into PTFA Chair on progress.