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Pre 1920

22 January 1894

"The Brook Green RC Schools (St. Helen's) were transferred today to the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Hammersmith Road, and handed over to the religious for the future.

18 July 1894

"The Sisters of the Sacred Heart are giving dinner tomorrow 19th to all the infants of this Department, and have frequently provided dinners and clothes for the most needy."

17 September 1900

"Some of the children have not yet returned to school as they have gone 'hopping'."

18 February 1903

"The Children assembled in the playground to see His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, who had come to visit the convent"

16 March 1903

"Madame Rumbold, Superior and Manager, came to say goodbye to the children, as she is leaving the Convent to make a new foundation out in Malta."

22 May 1903

"Last Wednesday the Children were given a half-holiday, as the King was to pass through Hammersmith on his way to open Kew Bridge. A stand has been erected in the playground and more than 300 spectators were enabled to have a view of the King. The children stood on the flat roof over the parlours in the Convent."

That will have been Wednesday 20 May 1903,  when King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra travelled from Buckingham Palace in an open carriage drawn by four horses, for the opening of the newly rebuilt Kew Bridge, naming it 'The King Edward VII Bridge'.

Three other open carriages containing various dignitaries accompanied them and a detachment of the Household Cavalry provided an escort. The procession proceeded through Knightsbridge, Kensington and Hammersmith.   It was a tremendous pageant with the King and Queen the first to cross the new bridge lined with soldiers and watched by a huge crowd.

18 May 1911

Describing the passing of the King, Queen, Emperor (Kaiser) and Empress of Germany through Hammersmith,  school records note: "The Emperor smiled and bowed most graciously, and the Empress threw the children kisses."