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Support Us

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends

Sacred Heart High School provides an education that is unparalleled in breadth and quality of opportunity, but in order to continue to grow and evolve, we need facilities to match our vision.  The School has occupied its current site since 1879 and has been improved and added to over the years to keep pace with modern teaching methods.  Recent improvements to the DT Classrooms and Chapel floor stand testament to the high quality of improvements we pursue.  All of this is not possible without the support of parents and the wider school community.   

As an Academy, our operating costs are funded through central government.  In recent years, the annual allocation per student has been decreasing in real terms. Today, government funding just about covers basic operating costs through efficient financial management, but there are limited funds available to refurbish existing or build new facilities. Moreover, covid has led to increased costs falling on schools, restricting their ability to fundraise. 

In order to embrace new technology and creative learning, and bridge the widening gap between state and private schools, Sacred Heart High School relies heavily on the generosity of you, the parents.  

There are various ways in which you can help support your school:

School Fund

The School Fund is the backbone of our School fundraising. It is a regular monthly giving scheme for donations of any size (although one-off donations are very welcome too!). Regular donations make a lasting impact on our School and our students, whether it is £5, £25, or £100 a month.   For more information on the school fund including details of How to Give, please refer to the following link -  The School Fund

Fundraising via the PTFA

The PTFA provides valuable financial support for ongoing school activities.  Beneficiaries in the past have included our pastoral Erskine centre and new gym equipment. In addition, funds donated by the PTFA have supported our hardship fund; essential school trips; summer packages; benches/picnic tables; gym equipment; and a drama lighting board.   We are currently planning a range of enhancements to our school grounds including the provision of more rain shelters.  See more detail in the tab Development Office.

While fundraising enables us to make improvements to our School, no fundraising activities would take place without the support of Parent Volunteers.  If you would like to know more, please take a look at the following link - Volunteer here!