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The Catholic Life of the School

As a Sacred Heart Catholic school, our logo, epitomises what we are about. It represents the heart of Christ, with a cross at the opening. It is an open heart that is welcoming to all with the world at its centre, showing both our internationality and making a difference in the world.

Following what St Madeleine Sophie wanted, our aim is that the students of this Sacred Heart school recognise God’s love and share it with others and to be a place where the attitudes of Jesus’ Heart are lived to the full.  This includes active participation in fundraising and social justice;  awareness of the importance of environmental protection and opportunities to contribute as members of our Kairos Team.  All students work towards becoming Sacred Heart Goals Graduates.  These goals include that of active faith; social awareness that impels to action, the building of community and personal growth.

We live by Gospel values. Rooted in the love of God, our community work to make a positive difference. We are here for our girls, pastorally, academically and spiritually, every step of the way.

At our school, students are allowed the space and support they need to develop their personal faith journey in an understanding and informative environment, thereby helping them become brave and independent young women whose faith will support them as they meet life's challenges. Becoming a member of the Sacred Heart faith community is hugely beneficial.

Charitable works, care for others, participation in liturgies, masses and retreats. The Catholic life of the school is vibrant and spiritually uplifting.