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The School Fund & Gift Aid

The school is committed to providing a world-class education for your daughter. To do this we are embracing new technology and creative learning to equip students with skills for their future. At the same time, we are committed to developing the 'whole student', focusing on a well-rounded education that supports and builds confidence, spirituality and well-being alongside academic achievements. To be able to do this, Sacred Heart High School relies heavily on the generosity of parents.  Financial support is essential for the school to continue to provide a high quality of education for your daughter. 

Under the Parental Contribution Scheme, parents are asked to make a regular donation to the School Fund for the duration of their daughter’s education. The recommended donation is £25 for a single pupil per month or £40 per family per month. This is a recommendation only and your donation is entirely voluntary. Where parents feel they can give more, they have often done so. By the same token, families who are in a position to donate only a little or in some cases not at all, are reassured that whatever they decide will be treated with respect and in the strictest confidence. 

Setting up a Standing Order with your bank or building society

You can set up a standing order for our school fund, by yourself, with your bank, using these details.

Account Name Association of Parents & Teachers & Friends of the Sacred Heart (School Fund Account)
Sort Code 40-07-30
Account Number 82508796
Our Bank Address HSBC,5 Wimbledon Hill Road, London, SW19 7NF
Confirming Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and agree to ‘GiftAid’ your School Fund contributions (which means that the school can claim from the government’s charitable giving scheme, an extra 25% above the donation that you make yourself) the please fill in this online Gift Aid Form which the school needs in order to claim this extra money from the government.   

UK taxpayers can donate under the Gift Aid scheme which means that donations are treated as being made net of basic rate tax which the school can reclaim from HMRC increasing the value of the cash donation by 25 per cent. Higher rate taxpayers at 40 and 45 per cent can reclaim the difference between the basic and higher rates of tax by completing an annual self-assessment return form. 

For more information on the Gift Aid scheme please visit the HM Revenue & Customs website at

Note: Even if you already contribute to School Fund, it is helpful if you also complete the new online form,  so we can be sure that our records are up to date and we can retrospectively claim Gift Aid on your behalf for the last four years.     

Paper versions of the forms

If you do not have online banking and prefer to use a paper form for all of this, you can print a standing order mandate for your bank (including a gift aid declaration, for the school) from here: School Fund Standing Order mandate & Gift Aid Form.    If you prefer, we can post the School Fund Standing Order mandate directly to you.  To request a hard copy form, please email with your request. 

If you would like to contribute in other ways or know more about the School Fund, please email