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Attendance and Punctuality

Research shows there is a clear link between attendance and punctuality and pupil attainment. The school’s minimum attendance target for each pupil is 96%.

Attendance Percentage Approximate Days Missed
100% 0
95% 10
90% 20
85% 30
80% 40

Impact of attendance on Pupil Attainment:

  • Attendance of 96% and above can secure maximum attainment,
  • 17 missed school days in one year can mean that pupils can drop a whole GCSE grade,
  • Attendance that falls below 80% can mean a pupil is over 50% less likely to achieve 5 plus GCSE grades A*-C.

School/Parent Partnership:

  • As a school we rely on the cooperation of parents to support excellent attendance,
  • The school routinely alerts parents/carers where a pupil’s attendance falls below 95%,
  • Our electronic registration system monitors attendance in every lesson to ensure pupils are safe and in school,
  • Our policy is to phone home on the first and subsequent days of absence as a health and safety measure if parents/carers have not reported the absence to us,
  • Where patterns emerge of unauthorised attendance, the school has a statutory obligation for inform the local authority.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence

Authorised Absence:

  • Only the head teacher can authorise absence,
  • Authorised absence - when a pupil is really too ill to attend school or other approved circumstances.

Truancy or unauthorised absence includes the following:

  • Holidays (it is no longer possible to authorise requests for holidays),
  • Looking after family members,
  • Taking all your children to appointments when it only relates to one child,
  • Any time when no reason is given,
  • Getting up late,
  • Visiting relatives,
  • Missing the bus/train/tube,
  • Buying uniform/haircut.

Requests for Special Absence During Term Time:

Requests for special absence should be made as far in advance as possible using the form available for download from the school’s website. Decisions about whether to authorise absence in special circumstances can be made only by the head teacher and will be based on:

  • Pupil’s attendance and punctuality record,
  • Time of the year the request is made (eg induction/transition/exam season),
  • Nature of the special circumstances.


  • All pupils are expected to be punctual,
  • Registration is at 8.30am in the morning and 1.15pm in the afternoon,
  • Any lateness will be recorded in the register,
  • Parents/carers will be informed of persistent lateness.

Special absence request form